I am not here to discuss the VALIDITY of information on, “Conspiracy Theories”, “Hollow Earth”, “Channelers”, “Global Reset”, “RV”, “Ascended Masters”, “Global Deceptions”, “Politics”, or anything else one might be following as information, as in if it is true or not. I read a comment of reading books and watching videos as evidence of these things, but are they really?

My own opinion on any of these does not matter. What I would like to talk about is the importance of not just believing something you read, watched or secret supposed “Intel” from those claiming to help you. I have in the past done many examples of why this is important. Such as, making fake news pictures and swapping out the caption at the bottom with something more sinister, then explained it was fake and that I myself made it.

I watched many people comment on how disgusted they were without reading the entirety of the other comments, just taking the picture for truth based on seeing it. This in itself is scary. Believing what we read, see or hear just because it was presented and reacting to it can get you in trouble, all things demand to be understood to it’s fullest. To understand it to it’s fullest it also requires vetting the presented information to ensure it is true or not. It’s scary how quick some are to believe an article they read or some picture of brutality with a story attached to it of someone’s death or abuse. The same can be said not just about pictures but also about books, videos, some of those claiming to be spending all their time helping you because they love you, and alternative media. We all know we can’t trust mainstream media already. The fact that the internet has become a huge tool in disseminating, and researching information; it is only evident that those who wish to control your mind and sway your thoughts are doing the same on social media sites as they do with mainstream media.

We hear of shills or trolls and the likes. We hear of scams and liars all over. What we don’t see too much of is anyone helping others learn how to make informed decisions without reacting quickly to what is presented to them. I see far less out there that are helping others empower themselves when it comes to anything you are being told or soaking up as the latest events. Time and time again everything we hear or everything someone wants to tell you, is true, is coming from their own research and 90% of the time their own opinion based on what they choose to believe or not believe.

The most important thing anyone can ever help you do is learn to be your own GURU!

I spend a lot of time investigating things, in this I have come to the conclusion as a lot have that not everything in the written word or coming by those who are deemed trustable, is true. There are almost always small details and facts that are incorrect. Even I myself have got some things incorrect without knowing another piece of the puzzle that had not been presented to me before. Just when you think you have done all your homework and read all that is out there on one topic, another piece is presented that usually makes your conclusions change rapidly.

This is why it is ever so important that we stay in the space of change. Embrace it! Embrace all possibilities that are out there. I am sure that when things do finally take place and the truth to the past and all the secrets out there come out, those of us who are awake will be shocked as well. We have to remember where we got our ideas of who is who, why we feel this way and who fed us the information on these people or events. Why do we feel the way we do on certain subjects. Who created that why, that we feel on certain subjects for us. There are so many variables but in this game in the end it’s hard to know who you can trust anymore. I will say that those out there trying to empower you and not sway your thoughts themselves are normally those of us who are trying to help in any way we can. It’s been evident that too much stuff has been convoluted with the fluffy puffy feel good unicorn farts, while at the same time disempowering you to not be all that you can be.

I will give an example of this!

“Dear ones, we come to you today with love and light. We have many messages of the upcoming changes that are headed your way. We know you are all waiting anxiously and we appreciate your patience. This path is a hard one and was not supposed to be this hard. Those that came long ago and claimed ownership over Earth and all her life have made it difficult for you to progress in your Spiritual Growth. We are now working with the light to extinguish this. We are now done. Archangel Michael has been working with all of you to heal the surface of Earth. We are now done. You will receive the most spectacular gift on April 22, 2014. After which in 10 days time our ships will arrive to heal the people and life of your planet. The healing chambers will be delivered to all those upon the Earth’s surface. We come to you in the light of Love as we rain upon you the energies and frequencies that will help aid in this coming change. The changes will be complete by April 22, 2015 and you will ascend into your full crystalline body. You will be rid of all diseases and be whole once again. Dear ones this is the honorable Archangel Michael and the Being’s of Light coming to you on this day. Our transmissions are here to help prepare and aid you in the coming changes. Amen, Amen, Amen!”

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  1. This is a great tutorial for newbies to use discernment when they are reading a channeled message or following a “guru”…I thought the channeling fiction was a good one. Thanks for the laugh… 🙂

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