Forbidden Knowledge, Blood Moon

Valiant’s artwork for you this time
Pegasus Penned the Dragon…
Something to think about…

One person can make a difference.
Time to take the blindfolds off people.
I should go. You still have a lot of stupid
Things to do…

That’s all for now.

PS: Blood moon, red moon…was in my book…it was and is a sign you know.


One thought on “Forbidden Knowledge, Blood Moon

  1. I have been doing some research on time machines. I am aware of Project Looking Glass. You can find info for this via Kerry Cassidy and She did an interview with Bill Wood. Bill participated in and tells all about Looking Glass. He was able to see events in the future while sitting in this machine. It projected different probabilities. The bad guys could then prevent or change what was supposed to happen to their advantage. Is this the time machine Valiant was referring? It is land based. From what i understood, it doesn’t work anymore.

    Another machine was a yellow box that was alien technology that was back engineered by the SSG..There isn’t that much info on that i could find.

    The third machine was from Annunaki technology. They were able to manipulate time and space from space and here on earth. For me this is the most likely candidate. Mr Spaceman, if you are aware of this or any time machine that is messing with our galaxy and specifically mother earth won’t you Please Help Us. There are 9 other worlds facing the same fate as Terran. Maybe your world is one of the 9. Not only helping us, world citizens, but will save your own home world as well. Time is running short. Please take it out now while you can before it’s too late. Mother Earth has the ability to bring down spacecraft cloaked in the sky. She may take anyone of you out. Are you willing to TAKE THAT RISK? We can celebrate at the coming galatic party of the complete defeat of the bad guys and 1000 years of peace. Make It So…and So It Is…Eyes to the sky…

    Tick Tick Tick
    PS. you can read about time machines @

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