Gold, The Annunaki and Global Warming

by Andy Lloyd 3rd February 2007

The Anunnaki’s search for gold and their descent to Earth was triggered by a worsening environmental disaster on their own world, Nibiru. They came here with the explicit need to collect one thing: Gold. Their plundering of the earth’s gold supplies was necessary in order to achieve just one end. They needed to pump the stuff into the atmosphere of Nibiru. They spent hundreds of thousands of years purportedly mining the stuff, and shipping it back to Nibiru when that planet’s elongated orbit brought it round to the planetary zone of our star every 3600 years.

Reflecting light away from mother earth by just a small amount would, apparently, compensate for the greenhouse gas effects going on due to industrial and domestic output of carbon gases. One of the ways to reflect light into space would be to introduce reflective material into the highest part of the earth’s atmosphere. Such a solution is being considered seriously. Suggestions include the release of millions of reflective balloons into the upper atmosphere. Another is changing the emission gases of airplanes to produce white and longer-lasting contrails.

A third is releasing sulphate droplets into the upper atmosphere, which would mimic the action of cooling volcanic eruptions. Like all untested medicine, the side-effects of sulphate droplet release remain unknown. This all suddenly sounds rather familiar. Releasing material in bulk into the atmosphere of our planet? As Lee Covino has pointed out to me, this is pure Sitchin! It’s what the Anunnaki did with our gold…

Once they had enough of the stuff, the Anunnaki  left. It now seems likely that the purpose for the gold was not to keep the home-world’s planetary heat in, but to keep the light out! (wow! my comment) That’s why they introduced gold into their atmosphere: to reflect some of the light of their unusually bright and excitable Dark Sun. That’s why they took the very hazardous step of coming here, a planet which was toxic to them. Now they have left, perhaps because their world is now safe. Whilst ours is presented with the Abyss.

Above excerpts came from here Source

In Valiant’s  posts he mentions gold. It couldn’t be off earth. Could it? I just documented that the gold was mined for hundreds of thousands of years and taken for Niburu. Mr Spaceman did you take more than 10 tons of gold off planet so you could Block the Light?  Planet earth has been chemtrailed so the light is blocked and our graduation delayed BY WHOM and for HOW LONG??  Will those that took mother earth’s blood (gold) experience the same events as the 9 other planets and earth. I say you deserve at least that plus 9 times more representing all those experiencing these events.

Surrender now! or face the PIPER’s  (the Supreme Source’s) consequences No Fear?  Either way YOU LOSE. The gold you took will return to it’s proper home and the LIGHT will shine as it was meant, here, there, and everywhere…Pssst  Big Brother got any other stupid ideas? I have taken off the sunglasses and all i see is God’s light. Make it so and so it is…

Tick Tick Tick


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