My Blood Moon Night 4-15

I had been told to be very careful about this coming time period from a new friend i became aquainted with in the last couple of months. I wanted to observe the eclipse but it was going to happen during the early morning hours of Tuesday the 15th. I also listened to a video with Laura Magdalene Eisenhower Great Granddaughter of the former US President. She was interviewed by Alfred L Webre. She said to take any energy and turn it into a positive energy. It made sense to me so i kept it in the back of my mind…

I went to bed about my usual time. I was tired and fell asleep quickly. I had this dream about my car being burglarized. Three guys were taking parts from my car. I left my binoculars in my car. Since i was not at home, i had to park my car about a block away. I went to my car to get the binoculars so i could get a good view of the lunar eclipse. I observed that something wasn’t right about the car. I could see that these guys were stealing parts and momentarily scared them away..

I reached for the binocs in the glove compartment and saw they were broken, useless. At the same time these theives pulled out  knives on me. They wanted my keys. I didn’t have a cell phone to call police so i gave one of the guys my keys. The guy slashed my left forearm. I said, Why did you do that? I gave you the keys. I noticed the cut as it was just starting to bleed. Instantly i woke up due to my baby crying in the bedroom next to mine. I noticed that both my arms feeling a bad energy. I remembered the advice given and focused on making the energy i was feeling positive. The rest of my body heart mind and soul were fine. This is the first time i experienced this kind of negative energy. It soon faded. I was a little shaken but decided to go out and look at the moon. It was about 1:15am. The eclipse had just started. I looked at Mars that was nearby and another star, Spica, was very close to the moon. There wasn’t much to see so i went inside the house and tried to go to sleep…

I could not sleep so i just laid in bed for a while hoping to get some sleep. The baby was fussing again so i got up again. The wife took care of the baby. I went out to look at the moon, earth’s shadow had almost covered the full moon. I sat and watched for about 25 minutes til 3:20am EDT. The moon was completely covered. I was expecting to see a red or orange color to the moon. For me it did not happen. I went back to bed and slept til about 8:30am…i guess i didn’t wait long enough. Tuesday morning at space weather dot com they showed an orange red ball near the top of the page. My thought about shifting energy from negative to positive right after my dream seemed like it changed my reality. What do you think?

Rick Meinig sent this picture of the event from Colorado Springs, CO to Space Weather dot com



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