Pope Francis Invokes Lucifer During Easter Mass 2013

One thing that the Catholic Church is fond of doing is to invoke the name of Lucifer in their Easter Mass Exsultet. Yes, you read that correctly. The Catholic Church, as well as Pope Francis, makes singing a love song to the Devil part of their worship service. Don’t believe it?


One thought on “Pope Francis Invokes Lucifer During Easter Mass 2013

  1. I was born a Catholic. I have read and heard how evil the Pope and Holy Sea are. This video does it for me as shocking as it is sad. Child trafficking, Child sacrifice, Homo Sexuality, what else? Now a song about Christ being the son of Lucifer on Easter 2013. I faded away from the church as a young adult and never went back a long time ago. There are a majority of Catholics at the local level that are good citizens that have no idea how evil the church is at the top. I am sorry to bring you this news.
    Ratzinger and queen Elizabeth were convicted of crimes against humanity last year. At minimum they belong in jail. Remember the post on April 3rd, Attempt to Arrest Queen Elizabeth. Read it again. She is the church leader of the Protestant church and pledged an oath to the Catholic church. The Luciferians want to take our world and continue the Babylonian slave system…Earth’s citizens want the good military to arrest these criminals NOW because they already have been convicted. They chose not to defend themselves. It’s time for a change. The time is now…WAKE UP!!

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