Cardinal Grand Cross: A QHHT Perspective

I have been hearing a lot of buzz recently about the upcoming April astrological event of the Cardinal Grand Cross. I had a session today where the client expressed an interest too. Before starting my client asked me to leave the door open to facilitate just a little airflow into the room, so throughout the session we could hear a gentle breeze blowing outside. At the beginning of the session this client had a lot of resistance, but finally he allowed the session to flow. 

Toward the end of the QHHT session I asked the SC (Which is the SuperConscious or what Dolores Cannon calls the Subconscious,) “What is the significance of the planetary movement that is aligning Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Uranus in a specific formation in the coming days?” We received the following beautiful message: 

“There are waves of energy of love, of intelligent life, bathing your planet now. And this could be a day at which all of you who will allow it connect with it in a much more fully and deep way. And as that occurs and you let it rest inside of you, we will be closer to you, and you will be closer to us. 

And those who have not seen before may begin to see. And those who have not heard before may begin to hear. And those who have shut off feelings may begin to feel again. This is the bringing together of the world. And then you become more and more multi-dimensional. And your crystal form begins to take shape. And we join and we unite. 

But this is a process. It doesn’t come automatically, or in an instant. It comes wave by wave – shower by shower – droplet by droplet. And know that it is coming. Know that you are being uplifted. You are uplifted in a sense that you are being united with us. But it doesn’t mean that you never had that capacity. For you always have. And it is a rare and wonderful beginning. 

But it is also not the beginning, as this process has been ongoing for billions of years. However, this is a milepost. It is a time, as you are hearing the bells and wind chimes ringing outside, and you are hearing the soothing energy of the birds and the wind, to know that greater, and greater love is arriving on your shores.”

Submitted by Cynthea Cameron  Copyright Attainable YouTM. 2011


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