Tick Tock…Monsters, Myths…Manifest Destiny…

Posted By: Valiant [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 24-Apr-2014

Things sure seem to be getting interesting…
Some are listening, some not…
It really doesn’t matter…
Come Hell, Come May…
One weekend in May…
Stars align…Something definitely
Seems on its way.

I’m wondering what you’ll say when the
Winters are 9 months long…
And a violent Spring begins in May…
All that flooding…
The clock is ticking…
So much to say, so little Time.

You must wonder why I
Mention them strategically now and then.
Well you see, my sister had this
Friend who had all these dark-blackish
She obviously was not a light worker as
Claimed because as you know, I hope you
Know, crystals NEVER are like this with light
Workers…Anyway, she had this one
Crystal…I was drawn to it, and she
Wanted to get rid of it…
When I took it in my hand, it
Changed from this sick-looking black-like
Color to a bright shimmering green…
It almost seemed to glow.
She asked how I did that, it was
Never so bright even when she bought it.

Do you understand?
That’s how I learned I had this special
Bond with crystals…among the many
Things I’ve learned over the years.

Anyway, I digress.
Some things need to be addressed…
It’s time.

I think it’s obvious now, Big Brother, how
You’re hunting children, for some specific
Special children.
Let me make this perfectly clear.
You will not find them.
He wasn’t on the plane,
He wasn’t on the boat…
Stop humiliating yourselves by hurting
Innocent people.
A Seraph guards these children, the 5,
One for each child.

Do I need to explain what that means?
A Seraph…suns have a way of going supernova
When they lose their temper.
And they won’t hesitate to do anything to protect
These children here.
You can’t even compete with them…
It was one Seraph who brought on the great
Flood…get it? Imagine what 5 would do?

But then of course, you’re arrogant, stupid…
And possessed…
Of course that’s what happens when you have
The Antichrist secretly ruling the world powers.
Or should I say Anakim, as that is the
More appropriate term for the offspring of
A Demon, fallen Angel and a human.
I think that’s something people should
That the Anakim are here among us.
And have been for quite some time.
And worse, there’s more than one.
This is one of the reasons why everything
Is going to hell so fast.

But there’s a way to fix that,
We’ll get to that now in a moment…

You must sensed something wrong
In your guts, people…
Every time there is a war…
WWII, Korea, Vietnam…the Gulf…
The Middle East…
It’s the way of the blood sacrifice to create
More of them, the Anakim…
Trying to increase their number…Maintain
Bloodlines, control over world powers…
It’s wealth, Gold, etc.
Common people are but pawns to them.
So of course they will not cooperate with
Having a better world for everyone.

And worse, they are the ones who negotiate
With the Alien overseers.
This is where the process came from.

Do you honestly think Earth was the first
Place to have Demons?
It wasn’t the first source of life,
And it wasn’t the first source of evil.

The Oldest Evil, far before Lucifer, sought
To play with older civilizations…
In Space…
Where they played with Reptiles, Big Heads, etc…
Corruption, greed, invasions…spread them
Through the Galaxy…and that’s how
They found Earth.

We’re up against an Ancient Evil
And for that, you need to fight
With Ancient Power…
Which is why the 5 are so important
And why they want to destroy them.

But see, there are other factors involved…
The Heavens have their plan,
And their secrets too.
Higher stakes this time.

By the way, Big Brother, I’d be
Careful on those golf courses…
You know how lightening likes to strike
Those golfers.

Now…with so much going on…
Oh right, I believe its up to 50 tons of
Gold now…

Back to the Crystals…
Now if I were an Ancient Master, or
Knew one…
I night consider how they used to handle
Demons…Imprisoned them in crystal
Jars and lamps…emblazoned with magical
Lines of gold and silver.
But the Masters were killed by an Invasion
Back then…
And that’s why God with his Seraph
Brought the great flood to kill
The Nephilim.
But if an Ancient Master were here
Today…They might just have a
Way of Turning the Entire Earth
Into a giant magical sphere with
Magical lines and crystals and gold…
And who knows maybe that will happen.
One to get the evil out…

It’s 2014 people, and time to take back
The truth and your life.
Please listen to me…and use what I’ve
Shared with you to help. You’ll know what
To do when the time comes.

Dear Big Brother, Mr. Spaceman…
It’s time to show who the Good Guys are.

And I’m supposed to give you a message…
There’s an old phrase…
Too stupid to live. You need to think about
That a lot.
Because YOU’RE stupid Big Brother, that’s why.

That’s all for now.


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