Privatization of Public Water

Abby Martin reports on the World Bank’s absurd plans to address the global water crisis through privatizing this valuable resource.

When the government controls the water, they control YOU! THAT is dictatorship! Corporations own the government and are slowly taking our natural resources that do not belong to foreign companies and government…

NESTLE (owns 70+ brands) Claims Water ISN’T A PUBLIC ‘RIGHT’, And the World Bank Agrees — It’s the Great Takeover of WATER. Nestles is a company operated out of Switzerland. They are trying to corner the market here in the U.S. WE pay for the water to the utility companies. Then we pay corporations for bottled tap water. Is anybody home?

I use bottled water that is processed thru reverse osmosis and micron filtration to filter out heavy metals, poisons and fluoride and chlorine to name a few chemicals. I read the label or ask for a water quality report once a year from the bottler. Few if any Nestle owned brands filter out the fluoride. They do not care. So why do people drink bottled water that isn’t any better than tap water? If your going to do that buy American or your local food store brand. We can put that cash into our own economy…


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