How Stupid Can You Be, Contest

This satire was inspired from a post by Valiant posted  at RMN on 3-26-14…Planes Trains and Automobiles…


“Don’t worry; no matter what you do you’ll fall
For it each time. They know you better than
You know yourselves…
And trust me, you’ll make huge dumb mistakes.
Almost like a “How Stupid Can You Be” contest.
Only no one will be laughing.
How fun, now you’ll experience what you do
To the people.”   SNIP

Welcome to the digital version of the brand new TV game show
“How Stupid Can You Be” And now here’s your stupid host Mr. Tavissock…
Thanks, just put your finger to your head and call me M T…Now I would like to introduce our sponsor mister H. K., better known as.. Heinze, not Ketchup, not Kerry, Kissinghim. Some may have known him as Harry before he was cloned in the late 70′s…thanks Harry! I’m glad to be a big part of, “How Stupid Can You Be”,  (heavy German accent) M.T.

Mr Soreos wanted to be a sponsor but put a lot of money in the Crimea and lost. So he is an honorary moron to say the least. Give him a round of applause…OK

On our panel we have Hilarious (what difference does it make) Clinkton, and her friend from the congress John (bomb bomb bomb Iran) Muckain…And finally Richard Cranium Cherany (if I only had a heart) better known by his friends as Dick Head…Thanks M T…

We’ll be back with our contestant after this commercial message…applause…
…Please welcome Mr Man in the Black Fatigues…Tell us about yourself…I work in the Black op department on a need to know basis…
MT…OK you know how to play the game? Let’s get started
MT…Were you involved at all in the so called Syria chemical debacle?
I don’t remember. I was deprogrammed and drugged after the operation to make me forget.
Dick Head is waving his arms furiously at MT says to MT ask the contestant another question…
MT…Do you know what happened to those 2 agents involved in the Boston Marathon bombing?
I don’t remember. They weren’t on my team…
MT…boy you really are stupid. John you have a comment?
John…(bomb bomb bomb Syria), give him the last question…
MT…What can you tell us about Benghazi?
UHH..a lot just let me..
Hilarious interrupts.. Excuse ME, Mr Man, You really are Stupid.
I’d just like to advise you to Keep your eyes to the sky. Remember what Godmother Fairgoose said… (crosstalk)
MT…I’m sorry folks that’s all the time we have for today. Mr Man is certainly our winner today….
How Stupid Can You Be brought to you by Harry Kissinghim…He loves little boys and girls…dirty clone.
Good Afternoon. This has been a presentation of the so called illuminated broadcast system. Gadlike Production

Disclaimer: The spelling of the names are correct. Anyone that knows/resembles these names is strictly a coincidence. All rights reserved. copyright Stock Den Digest 2014

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