Chicago police: 14-year-old killed girl over boy


Over at Rumor Mill News I reported a story on a 14 year old that killed a girl over a boy…


…the girl pointed the gun at a group of people standing on a porch and pulled the trigger, but it would not fire.

She then “handed the gun to an individual in the group to clear the malfunction and they handed it back” to her, at which point she opened fire with what police said is a .38-caliber revolver, striking the Martin girl in the back and a 16-year-old girl in the arm…


This story is out of this world crazy. I would try my best to find out who helped the girl make the gun fire correctly. If it was an adult, they should be charged as an accessory to a crime and 1st degree murder. The 14 year old girl’s intent at minimum was to do bodily harm or attempted murder, worse case scenario. Where are the adults? Don’t they care about their children? Crime begets crime. This cycle has got to stop…

I’m beginning to support gun control in a minimal way. An 18 year old minimum age to buy/own, a gun safety program and registration before you posses the gun. If a gun is used in a crime by anyone other than the owner, the registered owner better have some kind of proof he/she is not responsible for the crime. For example a stolen gun police report.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do support gun rights for militias and personal self defense. If you own a gun and it’s used in a commission of a crime you better have proof of innocence as stated above. If not you risk arrest and trial along with the accused…



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