Galactic Historian on the Malaysian Airplane flight video withdrawn

Video withdrawn

IN a post on March 1, 2014 by Valiant titled
Tick Tock…Chronicles of Change…Dreams…
Saturday, 1-Mar-2014 12:00:10

There’s something there, but it’s like
Trying to think about it scatters my
My thoughts on that “Machine”
That Big Brother has been using
To manipulate things is on the verge of
Breaking…and at some point in March
It will break, which will reveal something
They’ve been hiding in the skies…

Whatever it is, all I know is that it has
Not changed other events to come… SNIP

Valiant talked about a machine that was manipulating time
that Big Brother was using to manipulate things or events.
In a discussion group (nomoresleepingcom) This author stated:

“I would say yes but that time machine is due for a crash, eh? The
sooner the better…I read that we have been in this time loop over
1,500 times. Someone from the future would come back and tell the
bad guys and they would make adjustments to keep the power in their
hands or change the circumstances so we would not graduate.”

In another post I mentioned the time loop and referred it to “Ground Hogs
Day,” the movie, but I can’t find it. In the above video it mentions Flt 370
in a 19 hour time loop…This video is important validation that Valiant
stated a machine is manipulating events. Andrew states the plane is repeating
over and over again until this mess is straightened out. This is another theory
to go along with all the others. A time loop makes sense to me. How about you?



4 thoughts on “Galactic Historian on the Malaysian Airplane flight video withdrawn

  1. John,

    I think Bartzis is giving truths and lies in this video. The time loop phenomenon seems very reasonable as does his explanation about the passengers souls remaining in our “experiment” and having to finish out their sentences here.

    But his explanation of the typhoon is screwy. It makes no sense to me that the typhoon had anything to do with the missing airplane. Bartzis fails to mention the radar returns that showed two craft of some kind flying directly in the path of the airliner.

    It was one of these craft that zapped, or tried to zap, the airplane.

    In a channeled message, Cosmic Awareness brought forth these details. CA also revealed the motivation behind making the airplane disappear, which was to place blame on another govt and thus have a pretext for WWIII.

    Bartzis is a classic disinfo agent. Give some truth but make sure to place blame elsewhere.


    PS. my blog address is Thought you might want to know. Thanks.

  2. Mike, Thanks for the input. I emailed Lida and got her opinion as well. Your blog address has been corrected…We all agree on Bartzis… My point was on the time loop that’s why i posted it…still not front page news…lol

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