Kevin Annett: Common law sheriffs to arrest UK Monarch, Pope…

VANCOUVER, BC – In a joint interview In an interview from the USA with Joshua JD Lemmens of Radio and Alfred Lambremont Webre of ExopoliticsTV, Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, indicated Tribunal is now training Common law Sheriffs and a total of five categories of personnel including forensic investigators to carry out the functions of the International Common Law Court of Justice and enforce its arrest warrants, subpoenas, and verdicts.

Kevin Annett announced that from June 29 – July 6, 2014, he will be leading an ITCCS enforcement delegation accompanied by EU politicians and other dignitaries to the UK to enforce Court arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor and others already convicted by the Common Law Court of Justice for child genocide and other crimes against humanity.

Case of UK Grenadier Vivian Cunningham

The training of Tribunal Common law Sheriffs and other enforcement personnel for the Court’s arrest warrants, subpoenas, and verdicts is necessary, as demonstrated by the case of UK Grenadier Vivian Cunningham, who has been committed to a mental institution for six months merely for reporting the existence of the ITCCS verdict of child genocide against UK Monarch Elizabeth Windsor.

This policy by the UK Armed Forces and Government, sworn to protect the UK Monarch, now an arch criminal convicted of genocide, illustrates the lengths to which the illegitimate and criminal UK Monarchy will go to maintain its illusion of legitimacy, thus perverting the Oath of Allegiance that soldiers must swear to the Monarch.

UK Grenadier soldier Vivian Cunningham has been committed to 6 months in a mental hospital for informing his superior officer about the status of UK Queen Elizabeth II under the International Common Law Court of Justice. Grenadier Cunningham is requesting assistance from extended family; friends and supporters. He has also expressed his appreciation of the assistance given to him by Kevin Annett.

Cunningham has been committed under the notorious “Fixated Threat” law, which criminalizes opinion in England, and classifies the criticism of any political figure as a mental disorder.



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