Tick Tock…And the Clock Strikes 3…Final Warning…

A lot has been going on, so please forgive me
No time for small talk.

Requests, suggestions have been issued…
Some answered, some not…
I’ve tried my best to help with warnings but
At this point it’s beyond my control.
Beyond any means.
What happens now is part of the big picture,
And time re-alignment.

It’s clear our alien friends are stubborn.
No time to deal with that.
True colors have been shown,
And I do understand. I just wish it was better.

To sum it up, what I’ve been holding
Back is…that They, upstairs, and our
Alleged alien friends aren’t sure if everyone
Is worth saving.
Far too many corrupt, arrogant…
Oversexed, obsessed…and just plain
Stupid people fill the population with their
Ignorance and blind selfishness.

If you’ve ever suffered the abuse of
Someone who can’t control their temper,
Can’t stop talking about themselves, or
Puts you down…verbal, physical abuse…
Well believe the time has come when
They will get theirs.

It’s a time when the powers that be will
Separate the wheat from the chaff.
So be careful with your actions, your words…
Best behavior or else…
You know that old phrase, God is kind to
Dumb people…well basically that’s been

When they clean the planet, troublemakers
From all walks of life will suffer and be
Eliminate. Now don’t go losing control and
Trying doing this yourself. Trust the Higher
Powers to do this. They know who’s good and not.
Keep your hearts and minds in a pure place.
It’s more important now than ever.

Fortunately this was all expected…
Hence, the plans to come…
And the biggest secrets yet to unfold…
Yes, those people who wreck our lives are past due…
I tried warning you…

And it’s not personal wishes, although I understand.
Believe me I do.
You see I spent my life hiding in the corner,
A painfully shy, frightened little fat kid
Who was bullied everywhere I went…
At school, poked, punched, stabbed with pencils…
I’ll never forget the bloodstains, fun.
And then at home…
I know how stupid and cruel people can be…
Back then, fat people weren’t treated
Like people…It got so bad, I lost weight
Because I just wanted to be treated like a
Human being.
And what I learned from this experience
Horrified me. How convenient peoples memories
Are…no one remembered what they did or
Said to me…or me ever being fat.
But it’s a scar I remember.
I’m not telling you this for sympathy, I’m
Telling you this because you need to know…

God doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor,
Fat or thin…if your skin is white, brown,
Yellow or green lor whatever.
If there’s one thing I definitely learned from
The Angel it’s that.
And he does not care if you’re gay or straight
Or whatever.
Tho I don’t believe he wants anyone to seduce
A goat or cow or anything like that, sorry.
So you can relax and put those prejudiced
Fears away.

This is about putting an end to cruelty and
Blatantly stupid acts that hurt people, especially
Children, animals.
It’s 2014 people, the age of abuse is over.

And I would like to interject here a big
Thank you to everyone who has ever written me
Telling me how my artwork made you feel better,
Made your children feel safe, helped people
With autism think more clearly.
That was my hope all along. For the artwork
To do its job, to help, to heal, to protect.

So now that leads me to this…the
Good and bad news…

One weekend in May
Messenger of the Gods, A comet or be they meteors…
Shooting stars…
The blood begins…
That old saying, the wages of sin is death…
I believe it’s time for those wages to be paid…

They’re going to clean things up in the coming months…

When it rains, it pours, it floods…
Things happens fast…
Don’t be surprised if relationships suddenly
End…or if new ones begin…
Or if some mysteriously drop dead.

Merciless? Cruel? Justice…
Vengeance of Mother Earth…
She hakes, quakes…erupts…
Crops die…while signs appear…
And still more deaths…

And still to come, the Pulse. We’ll get to that
At the right time.
Special guests are on their way to ensure its
Success…HUNDREDS. I hope you like those Lion Men…
But what I can tell you is, it’s something
No magic or technology can stop…

I’ve been asked for my sources…
My business…Tho I’ve given you clues enough.
An Angel put a secret in my head, time travelers…
Lion men…dreams, intuition.
But most of all I’m doing this because
There comes a time to make a stand.
Don’t be bullied into a corner.
I made a promise…and you don’t break a promise
To an Angel.
I lost people, had a friend commit suicide, and have
Had too many friends that were abused as children.
This has to stop.
And I swear, you’re going to remember my name
For a long long time.

Der Mr. Spaceman,
Don’t even think about scheming or
Leaving this system.
You wanted to watch, to play, experiment.
Time to pay.

Mysteriously…celestial bodies across space
Can be so unpredictable.

I have to go.
You still have one more seriously stupid thing to do.
That’s all.

PS: this artwork will help raise your vibrations.
I pray it helps you as it has me.


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