Tick Tock…And the Clock Strikes 4…The Pulse…Your Power…And a Little Punch…

Tranquility Shield

Things are surely heating up…
Waves of energy…
The heat, the Fire, you can feel it in the air…
Something’s building.

I wanted to make something clear…
And not for sympathy.
There are those that think I may do this
For attention…WRONG, SO WRONG.
Since I’m about to get more serious with things
To come…I thought it only fair…
To share something of myself, my own little
Secret so you may understand.

What is it about May…
That Meteor Shower to come, that weekend…
It’s a month that has always haunted me.
You see, my life changed when I was 16
In the middle of May.
It was at a County Teen Arts Festival
When a painfully shy quiet fat kid, me…
Was forced to go to…
My artwork was one of the favorite pieces, I
Had no choice.
Well, you see, at this Teen Arts Festival
Which was held at the local community college
That the teens were given the chance to tour
A college campus…how they prep you, you know, etc…
I was walking around with some other kids
When a group of college kids, laughing, joking,
Stopped me and surrounded me…you could see
The sinister motive in their faces…
They poked and punched me, I remember a stick…
But the chief loud mouth tormented me most
With names…
Other kids saw, watched with fear…no one said
Or did anything…they just turned away…
It went on and on…I went numb, I can’t
Remember how long…then the kid finally
Said: “You’re so ugly, why don’t you just kill
Yourself.” I was speechless.
Just then, some professors came along the sidewalk
And this little crowd dispersed…and I took
The opportunity to follow the professors…
To sum it up…
It was the day I stopped eating, I couldn’t
Take it anymore.
And strangely enough my artwork from the fair
Was stolen…it won some prize, it didn’t matter.
That’s all anyone cared about anyway.

My point here is…that was the first breaking point,
Why I dieted. I didn’t, wouldn’t be treated
Like garbage anymore…so I grew numb
And cold hearted…to survive…lost the weight…
Just to be left alone.
I’ve said it enough, all I’ve ever wanted to be
Was a farmer.

So when I was ‘visited’ so often over the years
By various guests…from the future, aliens, whatever,
Whoever…and they kept telling me how I would
Do great things one day, I would laugh and tell
Them, Boy, have you got the wrong person. I
Didn’t want that. That wasn’t me. I didn’t
Have the nerve. I just wanted to disappear.
But they insisted I would do great things…
Time would tell…
And those, all those, whoever hurt me would pay…
Now that’s over with…to the Point, or Punch, rather.

Time must re-align…
As some may know dates, events of the world, in
Our lives have bee seriously altered
And must be fixed…
1990, 1996, 2000…were to be years of change…
I know my life fell apart in 1990…
And so must be fixed, but that’s another story
…for things to come in June…

Some of you may recognize these dates, years…
And if you do, it’s because things should have
Been different for you…Don’t worry…it will…

Despite events in my life, I was constantly
Visited, informed of things I would do…
Sarcastically, I always argued this…
But they would always prove me wrong…
With gifts…visions…information…details…

Speaking of that…Now that’s an interesting word.
Details. And…Information…
If I were to do as they said I would have to use
My skills, all of them…In every way possible
To understand how I would affect the world as
They said.
How fascinating…
I’ve had friends in government, intelligence, how convenient…
No, they never broke their secrecy oath…
I simply read their minds, Big Brother, STUPID.
Research facilities, experiments…
Dr. A., tedious experiments…simplicity
Is the answer.
That entity you think you have caught in that
Big ‘glass’ box…HA…it’s been playing with you…
It can get out any time it wants.
Do you honestly think Supernatural Forces, Light and Dark
Don’t have secret agents? Think again, stupid…
India…the medical research capital, secretly, of
The world…All that research, misused to control
The minds and health of the world’s population. Ridiculous.
Cruel. For Shame.
The Sea of Japan, what is it about that place?
An island…Danger, Danger, playing with Fire.
Mt. Rainier…Mt.Shasta…What lies beneath.
Your secrets will explode…Remember that humiliation.

Don’t bug me, don’t cross me. Each time you do
You press a dangerous button.
I’ve tried to warn you who I stand for…
They don’t like it when you upset me at all…
Hell to pay…

Details, Details…
The Pulse. What is it? Something you can’t stop.
Something designed to neutralize Dark Forces,
Stun, Sting, Paralyze Dark Spirits, null Dark Magic
So that Light can cascade in and a
Rainbow bridge of Light may grow…
To raise vibrations…Wake those minds, those powers…
Now if you’ve been naughty,
Get those diapers ready now…
That pulse might fry your brain…erase the bad parts
Turn a scoundrel into a vegetable.
Or, perhaps, a stubborn bully might just drop dead.
Time will tell.

Shooting Stars and Meteors will be a sign of it’s
Coming…in that hour you will know where you stand.
Just imagine…a world leader suddenly
Having their brain fried, a vegetable…oh boy.
Now let me leave you with a little story…

There once was a man born in the 1800’s…
In his late 20’s he was gunshot…
That wound would trigger a reaction in him.
He stopped aging.
For years he wandered, hiding, changing his name,
Fearful of being caught and studied.
Never understanding why this happened to him.
But feeling the need to hide and run.
Then…when the internet was born, he
Stumbled across a computer program at a
College, designed to interact, have a conversation.
Where he confessed his ageless secret.
Officials caught on to this and confiscated the
Computer and hunted for him. Typical.
Don’t worry, I won’t say more, tho I know you
Read these posts.
Rest easy. You aren’t alone. There are others like you,
At least one woman, lady, at least 500 years older
Than you…they of course hide, live in secret.
Purpose? Who better to tell the Truth of history
Than by those ageless who witnessed it. *Wink*

Dear Mr. Spaceman,
I’d get some diapers if I were you…
After all, this Pulse can judge you too.

That’s all for now.

PS: My artwork…The Tranquility Shield…above.


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