Response to Valiants Post Strike 5

Note: Some fictional political satire included…

V ..Did you forget the diapers or go straight to Adult undergarments?
JP …Sororos is telling citizens to sell their stock holdings while he is shorting the markets. He is long on one stock. He is buying all the shares of the company that makes Depends. His shorts or diapers are brown and longs for Depends. wink
V… I can only imagine this is because of your Obsessive control of money…
All those promises of money to the people were Lies by the way…
JP…He will buy all your dinars and dong. Then he sells it to PJ Morgaan at the contract rates making billions $$ every day.
He took that money and spent it on that rocket with the secret satellite that Russia sent up. He lost his investment when LillyPutin heard of Sororos venture. LP ordered the rocket to be shot down. He’s going to get even with Sororos for shorting the russian ruble into bankruptcy a few years ago. LP shooting down your secret satellite for revenge? Is that stupid or what? You are going to need diapers too…crimes against humanity..That makes sense doh!…
V…Words escape your understanding or is it just That “stupid” thing? Forget it. Somehow it appears now “stupid” is an IQ
JP…Yep stupid IQ ranks way up near the imbecile IQ level…
V…You’d better not be planning another ridiculous Stunt to shock the world, or overwhelm the media, With some fake… strategically planned Act of terrorism to cull the population so That you can institute martial law, Instill a one world government and currency…So the Anakim can take control. Yes, they know about that.
JP…Too late pope Francis declared he is the anti-christ during the cannibalization err canonization of the 2 dead popes in April.. What’s it like in that dungeon where that beast lives under the Vatican building that Ratzinger is staying? It must be very comforting eh Ratz?
V…I know now what this past weekend was. They don’t tell me everything but I can piece Together enough.
JP…Yeah me too Don’t forget we got “eyes into the sky” and beyond ..Nothing gets past the watchers. Heads-up BB Get diapers now! Sororos is buying them up like the U S corp is buying bullets…wink
V…They, upstairs, marked the 500,000. Those to Be saved and spared from what’s coming. This involves the event…the pulse. The original plan seems to be in process…It’s not an exact number..
JP…How does THAT feel Big Brother? 5000,000 and not one of you gets a seat to ride out the event. It seems fitting doesn’t it? I THINK SO…
V…But in a dream recently, I saw flashing Warning Signs…Danger Danger…Warning Warning. Something big is coming. And all I know is that at anytime the Clock could go straight to 12…
JP… WE want our world and we want it now..
V…Then all bets are off. I’m still hoping I can stall the clock until A better chance can happen. But apparently They are dead set on a cleansing…
JP…We need to get rid of all the vermin, corrupt, and greedy entities crawling on their bellies… Basically all those that have created war for profits; those responsible for allowing our sons and daughters to be killed on the battlefield for profit and drugs and whistleblowers for telling the truth; who stole Gaias gold or banksters cheating world citizens by charging interest on money they don’t have or own; traitors and those that commited treason against the local population; the lying media; crimes against humanity and so on. You know who you are and we do too…
V…Do you understand what that means, Big Brother? The money you treasure…GONE…The earth will take it ALL back…Cleansing by fire…lots of fires Unpredictable weather…The Warning signs…the public growing out of control, unstable. Riots, road rage, accidents…more than you
Can handle. Your own people will turn on you to save Themselves. That’s why the Lion Men are coming…With some friends you may recognize…To protect the 500,000…as things grow crazier.
JP…Maybe like the Romans feeding slaves to the lions in the Coliseum only BB is on the Lion Mens menu They would love to have you over for dinner…mmm
V… In the dreams I’ve had of the Pulse…Which I always feared…Billions vanished, I don’t know how…The horizon looked to be leveled…As though everything had been eradicated…I had been shown a room, a preschool Room at some underground facility where only A handful of people were left mentally intact, Enough to run things…And the preschool room was full of dignitaries, Generals, important leaders…All playing with Toys on the floor, like children. They could Barely talk….
JP…Did you know about the pulse in the Andromeda Galaxy recently? The earth is safe for now. We know a pulse may come from the G2 cloud at the Milky Ways core…any time now. The pulse can come and be here in a day or two probably sooner. I never had Physics in school..Too bad you could not keep your promise that you agreed to millennia ago…You had a chance for a better outcome for yourselves…Your arrogance has totally blinded you…very SAD. BB may not have fear and that’s why you are so stupid… The “How Stupid Can You BE” game is over. You win! Just don’t forget your diapers, eh?
V…But then…something else happened… It almost felt like An invasion, but something much bigger was Going on. I was told I would have a 10 minute warning. If you persist in playing games, Big Brother, Or orchestrate another incident like Sept. 11th It will be met with merciless force.
JP…Very Clear, tell it like it is V. Can we make it any clearer for your diarrhea brain BB?
V…I won’t stop trying to help people or improve Things as much as I can. No matter what, don’t lose faith everyone. It’s more important now than ever. You can feel it more strongly in the air, the water, The Earth now…Something big is building…fast. And it’s up to us to be ready.
JP…A group of citizens is being formed if you didn’t know already BB. In spite of your efforts and threats, we will continue to awaken friends and families and neighbors.. Beings from heaven have our backs. So world citizens no matter what happens DO NOT LOSE YOUR FAITH in our ability to eradicate the lowlifes occupying Gaia and will send them to their destiny. Nothing can stop our free will power now…
V…The Southwest, Four Corners, foretold to be a spiritual nexus, a future Haven…has been poisoned so badly…the Crystal Network beneath the ground has been corrupted So badly it could take centuries to fortify another…Experiments, toxins and radiation are responsible I presume as it is in many places.
JP..Mr SPACEMAN world citizens have been asking and pleading for your help especially mother earth.We are all related because we all originated from the same creator source. You have wasted too much time and will not get what you want as far as resources from Gaia and/or human kind is concerned. This is a promise!! It’s part of the golden rule…Do on to others as you wish to be done on to yourselves…Do what needs to be done NOW!!
V…All of this happening so fast must be Associated with the Paradigm of 9 Worlds. I told you, if one world falls, they all do…They all share the same fate.
JP… As I just said…do on to others…do good receive good
V….Our alien visitors and overseers presumed to Stand in judgement over us…some to take out
Resources, some to experiment on our people…To take fuel, riches…gold…Well, wherever the Earth’s gold went…expect Trouble…it has to come home. Why are you here? To watch and observe? No. This is a judgement from Higher Forces And you all need to learn a lesson. All worlds.
You can’t do what you want without consequences, And that alien so-called ethic of non-intervention
JP.. So It IS Brother V
V…The lesson to be learned here…is that we all need To work together, human, alien…among others…Things have gone too far. And we need to be Ready for what’s coming…
JP…Let’s get it done here so we can help other worlds next…
V…In 1000 years conquerors from another galaxy Will plunder all current worlds and create
A tyranny that could last for eons. We have within our power to change fate. To stop The clock…to improve everything for everyone.
JP.. Our group understands completely. We would like the world citizens to wake-up before it’s too late. When the Spit hits the fan we have 10 minutes. Get ready, events are unfolding very fast just under our radar…
V…Those magic lines to unlock a magic box…The magic box being the brain…A gift from above.
There still is a chance.
JP…I am grateful for the magic box…I am ready to use mine in a service to others…
V…For those of you struggling…with money, or Worries, or depression with worldly affairs
Weighing your life down…Know this…Don’t give in to that slave mentality, that Insane programming that dictates what you Should be or have versus what you can be or are Capable of You’re more than money. Find Your power, your faith and believe.
JP I have recently experience all those symptoms..I am awake now and will help world citizens the best I can.
V…Dear Mr. Spaceman…You’ve had your chances, To appear, to intervene and prevent this course…Now it’s time for you to learn how equal we really Are. What might destroy us, could actually bring us Together…if you’re finally ready to listen.
JP…I’m blue in the face repeating. OUR fate is Your fate
V…That’s all for now.
P.S.: Big Brother, Don’t forget…Diapers, Diapers…You’re going to need them.
JP…That’s a sight I cant wait to see
P.S. The Ambassador said not much time left…



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