Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation

Important Notice from ITCCS Central and the Common Law Court – June 29, 2014 – Brussels

As the Vatican prepares today for the imminent removal of Jorge Bergoglio, “Pope Francis”, from his office, two Direct Action Units (DAU’s) of trained security personnel have been dispatched by the Court to Rome and London. Their purpose will be to assist in the apprehending of known child killers associated with the Ninth Circle sacrificial cult, including Bergoglio himself.

“We are relying on local common law activists and the public to assist us in stopping these killers before they can harm any more children” announced a DAU commander attached to the Court.

“We have a list of nineteen top catholic and anglican church officers, including three Jesuits, who have participated in these ritual murders during the past year. Our orders are to stop them by any means necessary.”

The London DAU will take measures to halt upcoming sacrificial killings at Carnarvon castle in Wales and Balmoral castle in Scotland involving “royal family” members.

In Canada, DAU members are preparing for a similar action at Marie Reine du Monde cathedral in Montreal, where a major Ninth Circle conclave will be held on August 15.

This action will be accompanied by the proclamation of a sovereign Republic in Canada this autumn by patriots in Winnipeg. The Republic will provide the constitutional basis for the common law courts that are convening across Canada to convict child killers in both church and state.

“Crown and canon law are fraudulent and criminal systems, and so they are inoperative now in our country. We need the rule of law restored” said Colin Sullivan, a member of the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata.

“So we remind every cop, politician and judge in Canada that their oath to that convicted child killer, Queen Elizabeth, is officially null and void, and so they must stand down from their offices. Now they, and every true patriot, can be part of a genuine and lawful nation.”

Groups in eight Canadian provinces and in five indigenous nations are electing delegates to attend the Republic’s founding Convention, in Winnipeg from October 27-31, 2014. Information can be sought at republicofkanata@gmail.com .

A global broadcast of these and other historic developments, including the DAU actions in Rome and London, will be posted on July 10 (Jubilee Day) at http://www.itccs.org .

Issued by ITCCS Central
29 June, 2014
http://www.itccs.org , http://www.iclcj.com

8 thoughts on “Special “take down” units move into action on verge of Pope’s resignation

  1. Yeah me too even before I started my blog. I was baptized a Catholic when I was a baby. I have been baptized as a Baptist a few years ago. I consider myself a spiritualist. I reject all religions now. Religions contributes to the control mentality of the cabal. I don’t want to be any part of that. Thanks for your visit…

  2. I too grew up in the Catholic Doctrine, now wonder the Muslims want to cut off our heads.

    Do away with religion, it’s caused all the ills in the world and stopped us from being free.

    • Those that created the Catholic Doctrine also created the Muslim Religion.
      They always play on both sides to get the maximum instability that creates
      a war like mentality. For example the Crusades of old against the Jihads of today…
      Thanks for your visit…

  3. I too was baptized Catholic when i was a baby. When i was real young i often wondered why my parents never took us to church. Later in life i asked my dad and he said that you don’t need religion to be able to talk to god. He told he if you strive to be the best person you can be that is much better. He was raised Catholic and tells people’s now ” I was raised Catholic but I’m much better now”. Did you ever read the story of the military man in England that had asked about if this was true and if the royal family had actually done these things. The poor man was tricked and put in a mental facility!!!

  4. Yes just recently a military person was asking his superior about arresting the queen. They put the military guy in a mental institution…very sad..

  5. I had also read a few weeks ago that officers went to the Vatican to try to arrest the Pope (I do believe he was having a meeting with the Queen) and they were told there was no meeting going on. Thanks for this piece I define try think it’s a very relevant piece for what’s going on in our world today! Watching and listening to some of the eye witnesses and kids that grew into adults after some of these thing that happened to them is quite bone chilling! Especially for the First Nation people of Canada!!

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