Knock Knock…After the Clock Strikes 12…August…The Changes…The Dangers…

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Fairytale Politics

Posted By: Valiant
Via email from Lida Thursday, 31-Jul-2014

It seems when the Clock struck 12
A thunder of changes came with it…
Beginning with the descending Polar Fronts…
Which you can expect regularly to get colder
And colder each time…about every 2-3 weeks.
Weather-wise, it will feel like we skipped
August and jumped right into September.

All areas will eventually feel the colder weather…
First, the Great Lakes, Midwest and North East…then
The rest of the USA…

This speeding up of the colder air reflects the
Re-alignment of time.
They, upstairs, definitely want to fix things FAST.
Faster than I originally thought…
Apparently this was decided that weekend back
In May…when the 500,000 were marked.

Symptoms you should notice now…are…
More sensitive, shifty, even hostile and irrational
Mood swings…particularly for those not
Connected or resisting the changes.
Again, this reflects the separating the wheat
From the chafe…You should avoid these
Types of people as they will only grow worse,
At some point they may even become dangerous.

For those enlightened and receptive…
You can expect to feel sickness, flu-like
Symptoms…only because it will be hard on your
Body, the various energies that will intensify.
Rest, and handle yourself with care.
Remaining calm, cool and collected is the best thing
You can do.
Strangely, you should feel an odd certainty…
Along with conflicting feelings that something is wrong…
Because you’ll be more sensitive to any and all sudden
And rapid changes coming.
The Dark Forces haven’t surrendered yet, and you’ll
Sense it. Be cautious. Protect yourself.
Remember the crystals, and what I said about music.
Just remember you have the power, if you dare
To reach for it inside yourself.

As for other matters…
Try to remain calm with this…

The closer we get to bigger events,
More and more of the darker elements will be flushed out…
Monsters…both physical and non-physical,
Will challenge us…particularly the marked, the 500,000.
They know their end is coming and they will try
To take down as many good people as possible.
Remain calm and focused, always keep faith
With the Light. Use the artwork as a defense
If necessary. It will help.

You may also notice an increase in vivid flashbacks,
Haunting memories of the past…
Don’t let them bring you down. Release them.
Cleanse. And move on.

UFO activity will increase…and they will get
Bolder, as they become more desperate too.
Since they refuse to come out and reveal themselves,
They will suffer too…and their homeworlds.
But I won’t go into detail about that, since they
Are so smart…let them figure it out.
No bargaining.
Though I am flattered by the offers…
I’m only allowed to do so much right now.

Watch all aspects of the elements…
Earth, Air, Fire, Water…all of these are now
Under intense forces, and will express that in kind.

I’ve been so out of it lately…
It’s in the air, everywhere…Something is wrong…
That Pandora’s Box scenario is so unpredictable,
But I believe for them to correct the timeline
That we are heading down the most dangerous road…
Tragedies will be worse than ever…
Not only will things feel crazy, go wrong, they will
Just seem totally out of control.

For those of you awake and enlightened…
Be a calm, grounded, guiding light. Don’t let these
Things get to you. And stay home as much
As you can…It’s dangerous out there,
And it’s only going to get worse.

Many of you have written and asked about
UFO’s, alien activity…
Why they haven’t done anything…yet.
They will, believe me…they will.
Both the good ones…and the bad…

A great deal depends on how turbulent the Earth
Will become…if things proceed slowly without
The 5 degree shift of the poles – a catastrophe
Beyond words, beyond control…
If that happens…People will be taken.
By both Good and Bad alien entities,
Including those interdimensional beings which
Have been toying with people plotting to take them…
Some will be abducted as servants, slaves…
While others, the marked, will be taken to
A secret safe world, with the option of returning
To Earth when it’s healed. This includes animals.
A Noah’s Ark of sorts.
The chance of this happening would most likely
Be between September and December when things
Get really heated.

In any case, they will intervene.
They know they have to make decisions now,
Or suffer the penalties along with this planet.
Things have to change, including their worlds.

I am reminded of an ‘old’ TV miniseries “V”.
You should check that out.
Come September…Anything is possible…
They will be flushed out…
They will make decisions…rest assured.

Dear Mr. Spaceman, I chose this piece
Of artwork of mine especially for you…
It’s called, Fairytale Politics…think about it,
Think about it carefully.
You should start making your moves by the
Time the next cold front sweeps down,
Which will be even colder…
And that will be in about 2-3 weeks.
After that it’s too late…
And choices will be made for you.

That’s all for now.


The Summer without a Summer – dramatic waterspout/tornado caught on tape, Croatia

Believe what you want… global warming, global cooling, pole shift, natural cycles of climate change… but, when it comes to weather, whatever is happening around the globe is pretty much real. There is basically no country in the world that didn’t experience some form of major change in weather patterns during last couple of years.

Focusing on the Balkans and the Mediterranean, people there are joking they had a nice Spring this Winter… and now when the so called Summer is supposed to be in full effect the joke will continue with just a slight variation… we had a rough Fall this Summer.

All jokes aside, the shift in weather patterns across the region is very much real. After worst-ever flooding that devastated parts of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia in May 2014 the region kept experiencing one severe storm after another. The Summer of 2014 is still not over but, judging by the number of precipitation records already broken and unusually low temperatures, it really could not be called a Summer.

This is especially true for southern Croatia where even the oldest residents can’t remember such a rainy and stormy season. For a region that heavily depends on tourism as one of the main sources of income this is particularly troubling, severe and life threatening weather aside.

The following video was captured on July 27, 2014, near the city of Orebić on the island of Pelješac, Croatia. It is being referred to as the most dramatic tornado footage ever recorded in Croatia:

It is interesting to note that, just a few minutes before the video begins, there were two waterspouts that rotated one around another which then merged into one twister, about 50 meters in diameter, that hit the land.

The same event was captured from a safe distance by Ivica Trojanović:​

Another round of severe weather

If you think its over, think again. Forecasters issued a high risk warning for coastal areas along the Adriatic coast, northern Italy and western Balkans for today. Excessive rainfall, waterspouts/tornadoes, large hail and flash floods are expected throughout the region. (Forecast outlook day 1 – valid July 30, 2014)

satireu1 july 30 2014 eumetsat
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Jury awards Ventura $1.8M in defamation case

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura won $1.8 million Tuesday in his two-year fight to prove he was defamed by a military sniper and best-selling author who claimed to have punched out Ventura at a bar for bad-mouthing the Navy SEALs.

A federal jury sided with Ventura in his lawsuit against “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle, who was killed last year in Texas. Though Ventura honed a tough-guy reputation as a pro wrestler and action movie actor, he maintained the legal battle was about clearing his name among his beloved fellow Navy SEALs, not about losing a supposed fight.

Kyle — reputed to be the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history — said in his memoir that he punched Ventura in California in 2006 after Ventura said the SEALs “deserved to lose a few” in Iraq. Ventura disputed that the confrontation, including the punch, ever happened.

Ventura wasn’t present for the verdict and didn’t immediately return messages left at his home. His attorney, David Bradley Olson, said Ventura felt there were “no real winners in this trial.” “He’s certainly grateful for the verdict, but his reputation with an entire generation of young SEALs may never be repaired,” Olsen said, adding, “It is a victory in the sense that the jury did tell the world that Chris Kyle’s story is a lie and was a fabrication.”

Jurors declined to comment to reporters as they left the courthouse. They deliberated for five days before telling the judge Monday they didn’t believe they could reach a unanimous verdict, but were told to keep trying. Tuesday’s resolution came only after attorneys for both sides agreed to allow a verdict if eight of 10 jurors agreed.

John Borger, an attorney for Kyle’s estate, said the family would consider an appeal. He faced questions about why he agreed to a non-unanimous verdict when the jury appeared close to being hung. “That was a strategic call, which seemed appropriate at the time,” Borger said.

Legal experts had said Ventura had to clear a high legal bar to win, because as a public figure he had to prove actual malice. The jury was instructed that Ventura had to prove that Kyle either knew or believed what he wrote was untrue, or that he harbored serious doubts about its truth.

After Kyle was killed last year at a Texas gun range, Ventura’s lawsuit moved forward with Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle, as the defendant. She wasn’t in court to hear the verdict. Borger said she was “surprised and upset” when he gave her the news by phone.

The jury awarded Ventura $500,000 for defamation and $1.3 million for unjust enrichment. Borger said the latter figure was subject to review and potential adjustment by U.S. District Judge Richard Kyle, no relation to Chris Kyle.

At least some of that money will be covered by “American Sniper” publisher HarperCollins’ insurance policy. Borger said the $1.3 million for unjust enrichment will have to come from the book profits, but Olsen believes the policy will cover all the damages. Borger said he expects both sides will file papers on that and other issues soon.

Olsen also said Ventura’s side will ask HarperCollins to remove the disputed section from the book. The section recounts an October 2006 confrontation that Chris Kyle said he had at a bar in Coronado, California, with a man called “Scruff Face.” In promotional interviews, Kyle identified the man as Ventura, who was in Coronado for a SEAL reunion and graduation ceremony. Kyle was at the bar for a wake for a fallen SEAL.

Olsen suggested in his closing argument that the jury award Ventura $5 million to $15 million to compensate him for damage to his reputation. He said Kyle’s claims that Ventura said he hated America, thought the U.S. military was killing innocent civilians in Iraq and that the SEALs “deserve to lose a few” had made him a pariah in the community that mattered most to him — the brotherhood of current and former SEALs.

Borger argued that 11 witnesses presented by the defense told a “compelling and consistent story” that backed Kyle’s account. Ventura testified that his income as a television personality fell sharply as job offers dried up in the wake of “American Sniper.” Borger said Ventura’s career as an entertainer was in decline well before that.

US is No Safer After 13 Years of War, a Top Pentagon Official Says

The nation is no safer after 13 years of war, warns a top US military official who leads one of the nation’s largest intelligence organizations.

“We have a whole gang of new actors out there that are far more extreme than Al Qaeda,” says Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, which employs some 17,000 American intelligence collectors in 140 countries around the world.

That the United States is no safer – and in some respects may be less safe – even after two wars and trillions of dollars could prove to be disappointing news for Americans, noted the journalist questioning General Flynn at the Aspen Security Forum last week.

Still, Flynn was firm on that point. “Yeah, my quick answer is that we’re not,” he said.

America is less safe today in large part because of the emergence of terrorist groups like the Islamic State, formerly know as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The group is stoking regional wars in Syria and Iraq that will only continue to increase in complexity, Flynn said.

Then what about the claims from those within the Obama administration that core Al Qaeda is on the run?

On this point, Flynn – a strong personality who is slated to retire from the US military next month after clashing with higher-ups in the intelligence community – took issue as well.

“We throw this phrase ‘core Al Qaeda’ out.” But rather than people, “core Al Qaeda” is an ideology, he said.

“I, you know, have been going against these guys for a long time. The core is the core belief that these individuals have – and it’s not on the run,” he added. “That ideology is actually, sadly, it feels like it’s exponentially growing.”

The chaos and violence now reigning in Iraq after the Islamic State invasion points to a US intelligence failure, but, on the upside, it offers a key cautionary tale for Afghanistan, Flynn said.

“The speed that [ISIS] came into this northern city of Iraq, into Mosul, and they were able to, you know, kind of [cut through Iraqi security force defenses] like a hot knife through butter through really about four [Iraqi Army] divisions,” he said, “I would say that, yeah, that caught us – that level of speed that they were able to do that – caught us by surprise.”

Iraq “blew it” by choosing not to sign a Status of Forces Agreement that would have kept US troops in the country longer, and Afghanistan is unlikely to make the same mistake, he added.

Now, when it comes to Iraq, US troops are unlikely to have any desire to return to the country, he added.

“I mean, we can only give so much. And nobody – no one in uniform – wants to say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m ready to go back.’ No way.”


Mars spacecraft preparing for Comet Siding Spring’s close flyby

This is an update on Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring from my last post on 6-30. Nasa is now saying there is a minimum risk. I say look at the pic below and decide how potentially dangerous this comet is for yourself. It’s a very close flyby…JP
As Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring heads toward a close flyby of Mars on October 19, 2014, NASA and ESA are both taking steps to protect their Mars orbiters, while still preserving opportunities to gather valuable scientific data. Six days after passing Mars, the comet will reach its closest approach to the Sun (perihelion) at about 209 million km (130 million miles).

It will be the second comet to visit Mars in 12 months, following Comet ISON in October 2013. ISON passed some 10 000 000 km from the planet, but Siding Spring will flyby much closer. Current estimates put Siding Spring’s miss distance at just about 132 000 km (82 000 miles) from the surface.

The comet’s nucleus will be shedding material hurtling at about 56 kilometers (35 miles) per second, relative to Mars and Mars-orbiting spacecraft. At that velocity, even the smallest particle – estimated to be about half a millimeter (one-fiftieth of an inch) across – could cause significant damage to a spacecraft.


NASA currently operates two Mars orbiters, with a third on its way and expected to arrive in Martian orbit just a month before the comet flyby. ESA has one spacecraft there, Mars Express. India’s Mars Orbiter Mission launched late 2013 is also on the way and will arrive about three weeks before Siding Spring.

Teams operating the orbiters plan to have spacecraft positioned on the opposite side of the Red Planet when the comet is most likely to pass by.

The hazard is not an impact of the comet nucleus, but the trail of debris coming from it. Using constraints provided by Earth-based observations, the modeling results indicate that the hazard is not as great as first anticipated. Mars will be right at the edge of the debris cloud, so it might encounter some of the particles — or it might not. – Rich Zurek, chief scientist for the Mars Exploration Program at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

siding spring closest approach - earth comp

During the day’s events, the smallest distance between Siding Spring’s nucleus and Mars will be less than one-tenth the distance of any known previous Earthly comet flyby. The period of greatest risk to orbiting spacecraft will start about 90 minutes later and last about 20 minutes, when Mars will come closest to the center of the widening dust trail from the nucleus.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) made one orbit-adjustment maneuver on July 2 as part of the process of repositioning the spacecraft for the October 19th event. An additional maneuver is planned for August 27. The team operating NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter is planning a similar maneuver on August 5 to put that spacecraft on track to be in the right place at the right time, as well.

NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft is on its way to the Red Planet and will enter orbit on September 21. The MAVEN team is planning to conduct a precautionary maneuver on October 9, prior to the start of the mission’s main science phase in early November.
Siding Spring by the numbers

Date of comet closest approach (CA): 19 October 19, 2014
Time of CA: ~18:28 UTC
*Estimated distance of comet from Mars at CA: 136 000 km from center | 132 000 km from surface
Comet nucleus diameter: Unknown
Coma radius: Likely to engulf Mars
Time for Mars to pass through coma: Several hours (ESA’s Mars Express now orbits Mars every 7 hours)
Velocity of cometary dust particles: 56 km/second
Dust particles produced by comet (as of 28/1/14): 100 kg/second

Sources: ESA, NASA/JPL-Caltech
Source The Watchers

In 1983, 50 companies owned 90 percent of the media consumed by Americans. By 2012, just six companies — including Fox (then part of News Corporation) and Time Warner — controlled that 90 percent.

The much-admired Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black may be rolling in his grave at the prospect of a merger between 21st Century Fox and Time Warner Inc., which would reduce control of the major Hollywood studios to five owners, from six, and major television producers to four, from five.

“The widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources is essential to the welfare of the public,” he wrote in the majority opinion that decided a 1945 antitrust case involving major newspaper publishers and The Associated Press. “The First Amendment affords not the slightest support for the contention that a combination to restrain trade in news and views has any constitutional immunity.”

Fox and Time Warner may no longer publish old-media newspapers or magazines, but they certainly disseminate information and opinions that may be even more vital to the “welfare of the public” today than the newspapers of Justice Black’s era. HBO alone, one of Time Warner’s cable channels, produces “Real Time With Bill Maher,” “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” and acclaimed documentaries like “The Case Against 8,” about the struggle for marriage equality, and the “Paradise Lost” series, which examined the murder convictions of the group of white teenagers known as the West Memphis Three.

How many of those would be produced under the ownership of a Rupert Murdoch, or for that matter, any other media mogul who controlled close to 40 percent of all major film production and nearly 20 percent of all television?

“I don’t see a bright distinction between news and entertainment,” said Christopher L. Sagers, an antitrust professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. “One person shouldn’t own all the cultural creativity resources. If one person can limit content, that’s a huge loss to society.”

Advocates for consolidation in media, who include not just Mr. Murdoch, who controls 21st Century Fox, and their allies, but also other big media, cable and telecommunications companies, tend to brush off antitrust concerns when it comes to content creation. (Even Time Warner has been cautious about raising any antitrust defenses, presumably because, should it thwart Mr. Murdoch this time, it may want to acquire its rivals at some point in the future.)

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