Message from Albert

“…Those area outside this solar system is prohibited from any earthman…” RMNREADER:

Posted By: Nemesis [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 8-Jul-2014 21:02:15

To Brother Tom

Hello again brother Tom and greetings to all.May all of you have
a good day.

I wrote this letter to all of you not to bother your state of being but only to sent some short view as a pathways to the unknown where many are wondering what is out there on the other side.

In our present time,real changes is on its way.Some are visible
and some are invisible.Some changes that you can feel and some
you cannot feel.People passed away everyday and newborn babies
arrived.Nature always play its rule as well as Universal law

Let me speak about places beyond our Solar System where people in the future dare to explore.Many light years away from this planet
are so many more planets.In every dimension lies millions and
millions of planets.There lies so many higher civilizations.

Indeed they are in many forms and sizes,they are all humans.
While we are proud to be ourselves for what we are and what humans had achieved,many of their invented spacecrafts for personal transportation traveled 10 million miles per hour in earth time counting.But many are so advanced spacecraft that traveled in a speed of light that are used for long distant purposes.

Many also from those higher civilization had been in war just like here on earth but that was millions of years ago as a part
of their histories.They are now in a higher level of understanding and there are so many of them.As part of their goal,invention,sharing of knowledge,and most of all,they all
realized the power of Creation as a source of all life and they
respect all life in the Universes and their intension is for the
good of all living beings anywhere and everywhere they go.

Many of those civilizations are barred by Celestial Sons not to
come near in our solar system for their own safety.They are also
well informed about our past and present events.Many of them also
hoping to see us in a new way of understanding how the Universes
works and all of those planets and so many galaxies.

How brilliant those plans we have to travel far,far away and to
explore what we known as Galaxies.If an astronaut know what is
the meaning of Creation and realized it, then “he” the astronaut
is also realized by his true intension,but if any human being in
that form know nothing about Creation then he will be barred by
the Celestial Sons and be brought back to earth for he is unknown
to any civilization that are with the Light called Creation.In
other words,they got nowhere to go but only inside this solar system.But if they insist,their spacecraft will be shot down by the Celestial Sons.Those area outside this solar system
is prohibited from any earthman.If man change his understanding
and respect the Universal law,the rules also change and man will
be welcome anywhere he may want to explore with the guidance of
many higher civilizations.Who knows man dont want to come back to
earth knowing how great to be out there with their newly found

Let me speak about solar systems that are now far from ours.
Not every solar system works in the same way.Many works in many
secrets,Many solar system also dont need suns and moons,for they
are designed in many ways.In every solar systems there are guards.They called themselves the Celestial Sons.There are so
many of the them guarding the secrets and many more secrets of the Universes and Galaxies but welcome all humans who begin to
realized the light within them as a part of Creation.Dont you
feel that your going home soon?

I thank you brother Tom and also Madam Raye for your help and
may all of you have a great day as we move to the beyond.
With all of my respect to all of you and may you have a good
journey.Albert (thanks again brother Tom)

Source RMN


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