Tick Tock…And the Clock Strikes 12…Here it Comes…

Posted By: Valiant
Date: Thursday, 17-Jul-2014

Times up.
I’ve warned you, you’ve had your chances…
More than often enough to say the least…
And now it’s here…So how do you like the weather?

But First, I would like to address an issue…
Far too many people are NOT paying attention…
Clearly they refuse to give up old ways.
Open their eyes, and see what’s going on.
Three family friends were in nearly serious
Car accidents in the last five days.
If not for protective voices they heard, premonitions…
These accidents would have been fatal.
That is absurd. Not that they were saved, but this…
Remember what I said about the Higher Powers, that they
Are no longer being kind to stupid people?
Hello, this means everyone, not just Big Brother.
Please pay attention. These are people’s lives…
I keep saying, BEST BEHAVIOR…
I’m not saying it again.

But perhaps that is another sign of how
Time is resuming a corrective stream…
People not paying attention…
Tempers flare…Patience, rare if not non-existent.
Selfishness, greed…the Seven Deadly Sins…
People are showing their colors…
And the price to be paid is serious.

What happens now, you created, Big Brother…
This Pandora’s Box will cascade with unending
Events until things, and people, are where
They should be…
And believe it or not, it is, or will be, for the better.
And it’s just the beginning.

But don’t panic, remain calm.
True faith means not worrying…
It will happen gradually, just constantly.

Aside from illnesses, mood swings and irrational
Behavior…including people snapping…
First will come the signs of climate changes…
Drastic sudden changes in weather patterns
To accommodate the NEW seasons and
New position of the planet.
All building to an eventual collapse into the
New ice age…which will affect us all.

But remember that means changes in our
Personal lives as well…
Those not willing to change will be hit hard…
There will be sudden break ups, moves…
Putting people where they were meant to be.
The hope in this is that it could mean
This is a good time for finding soul mates…
And believe me, some will…
That was my hope all along…
That I could use a formula of artwork
For finding and attracting true soul mates.

Now brace yourself…What I say now won’t
Be easy…
The changes now…the weather fronts…
The Cold, new changing seasons, etc…
And what happens with the stability of
The planets poles…if that 5 degree shift
Should happen…
It will trigger volcanoes, earthquakes…
And the Yellowstone caldera…
It all depends on which way it goes…
Weather or the poles…or worse, both…

It will effect crops, and therefore create food
Shortages by fall…which means…
A drastic culling of the population will come…
While accidents will claim lives…explosions, etc…
The biggest threat will be biological and nuclear
I won’t know for sure for another month
They, upstairs, won’t be warning much due
To the possibility of interference by World Powers.
What should have been, will be.
What was meant to be, will happen.
Pray for a merciful plan, and above all…
Remember…Best Behavior, no exceptions.

As for other things…
The Safe Zones (in the USA) still appear to be the
Same…West Virginia, Western Virginia (inland),
And Northern Utah…

The Danger Zones range basically throughout the
Southern states…States along the Mississippi…
Primarily Oklahoma, Louisiana…The Gulf, Florida.
And Texas will have more than its share of problems.

Things will escalate as time moves on…
Earth, Wind and Fire said it best in ‘September’.
As always a pivotal month…
Your last chance, Big Brother, to disclose the
Alien presence…or else…
A deadly threat to our existence may just
Rise in early September…Watch out.
This will determine October…Events in the sky…
And Big things in December.

Asia should watch out, far too many people
Make it a target, as well as the charm of
France…could be in serious Danger…
Watch the Mediterranean…

Dear Mr. Spaceman…Your presence here
Has been long…but not forgotten…
Acts of kindness will be rewarded…hint…
While acts of greed and abuse will be met
With equal force.
Just remember a ship could easily fall
From the sky for no apparent reason.

I will have more for you in time, but I
Will say this for now…Remember,
No looting. And no lying and playing
Around with people.
People aren’t stupid, well, most aren’t.
Some however remain in question.
They know something is going on…
And they know you have agendas.
So if you aren’t honest and open about them,
I guess I will just have to tell them.

That’s all for now.

My Artwork…The Seven Thunders


5 thoughts on “Tick Tock…And the Clock Strikes 12…Here it Comes…



    Do you remember the
    21st night of September?
    Love was changing the minds of pretenders
    While chasing the clouds away

    Our hearts were ringing
    In the key that our souls were singing.
    As we danced in the night,
    Remember how the stars stole the night away

    Ba de ya – say do you remember
    Ba de ya – dancing in September
    Ba de ya – never was a cloudy day

    My thoughts are with you
    Holding hands with your heart to see you
    Only blue talk and love,
    Remember how we knew love was here to stay

    Now December found the love that we shared in September.
    Only blue talk and love,
    Remember the true love we share today

    Ba de ya – say do you remember
    Ba de ya – dancing in September
    Ba de ya – never was a cloudy day

    Ba de ya – say do you remember
    Ba de ya – dancing in September
    Ba de ya – golden dreams were shiny days

  2. documented proof of colder weather…
    Temperatures failed to climb past the 60s F from the eastern part of the Dakotas, through Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Monday July 14,2014

    Minneapolis, home of the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, set a record low maximum temperature of 65 on Monday, breaking the old record of 68 set in 1884.

    Nashville, Tenn. Location
    57/57 (1886) Actual Low/Old Record (Year)

    Oklahoma City, Okla.
    63/61 (1891)

    Kansas City, Mo.
    55/57 (1985)

    Madison, Wis.
    48/48 (1973)

    Little Rock, Ark.
    63/59 (1990)

    Omaha, Neb.
    53/54 (1976)

    High temperatures on Wednesday ranged from the upper 60s to the lower 70s from Chicago and Milwaukee to Detroit, Indianapolis and Cleveland.

    Dozens of cities over the Midwest challenged record low temperature through Thursday morning. Fort Wayne, Ind., dipped to 48 degrees early Thursday, breaking the old record of 51 set in 1976.

    Temperatures will dip well down into the 60s on multiple nights from northern Mississippi to central Alabama, central Georgia and portions of the Carolinas. In some case temperatures will be within a couple of degrees of record lows. Atlanta broke the old record of 62 degrees set in 1965 with a low of 61 Thursday morning. Record lows were set as far south as northern Florida Thursday morning.
    Fair use Source

  3. Now fire.. started by lightening..JULY 18,2014
    Over a HUNDRED homes burned to the ground as huge Washington wildfire burns town to the ground

    Posted By: RumorMail [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Sunday, 20-Jul-2014 15:11:01

    In Response To: Mount Etna puts on its first pyrotechnic display of the year, causing Sicily’s busiest airports to close (RumorMail)

    Pateros, Washington, was mostly destroyed in the fire that swept through the town

    Town of Malott has been completely evacuated and residents of nearby Brewster also begin to flee flames

    Wildfire remains zero percent contained, despite the efforts of firefighters

    A raging wildfire in central Washington has wiped most of a small town off the map – destroying 100 homes as it whips out of control across 260 square miles of dry forest – and fears are now growing that it will claim a second community.

    The Carlton Complex fire grew by nearly ten times Friday as four fires horrifically merged into one and exploded across the small village of Pateros, officials said. Residents of the town of Malott and outlying areas of nearby Brewster have been evacuated as flames rages only miles from their homes.

    ‘We basically evacuated the whole town’ of Malott, Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said Friday night. Those living in outlying areas of Brewster were also told to leave.

    Malott is home to about 500 people, while the population of Brewster is about 2,400.

    Scroll down for video

    At least 95 houses were destroyed in and around Pateros, Washington, a small community of 650 people and 279 homes. Authorities had ordered an evacuation of the town as the wildfire neared, fearing that it would destroyed.

    An aerial photo of the town shows entire blocks leveled – reduced to charred ash.

    David Brownlee, 75, said he drove away Thursday evening just as the fire reached the front of his home, which erupted like a box of matches.

    Video here

    washington fire 1

    washington fire 3

    washington fire 4

  4. NOAA: 28,504 Low Max Records Set in U.S. in Last 365 Days


    28,504 Low Max Records were set in last 365 days according to the NOAA.

    A “Low Max” means that the maximum temperatures for the day was the lowest it has ever been.

    This indicates daytime cooling.

    Only 13205 High Max records were set. That is over a 2:1 ratio. Brrr.

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