Albert Post TO:Brother Tom: clear up some issue about Third Eye

Posted By: Nemesis [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 19-Jul-2014 08:46:52

TO:Brother Tom

Hello brother Tom.I apologize to bother you this time likewise to
RMN agents and readers.Wishing you all have a good day and good health.

I send this to you Tom just to clear up some issue about Third Eye.Maybe I can help some of our fellow man who are tired enough
what to believe.I only pave their way and they have to do it for

The first thing we have to remember is that we are all human beings.Human being will not survive without the light that enters
into our mothers womb within few weeks.That light is eternal light that makes human being alive and well.That is the Immortal light that comes from the source called Creation.Creation is the Source of all the Power who runs the Univeses and Galaxies that at present man are trying to explore.That light that you have is
from the “no beginning and no end” therefor you are Immortal without your knowing.Humans have the power to go back where he belong using the secrets that are forbidden who rules the Earth.
The light within you is the real you.That light you have is ageless.Since the Universe was Created by the Masters that you called God,that light was distributed all over many,many planets
that they had created,including plants,animals,and peaceful
livings beings like us who survived not only on this planet but
millions and millions of planets across the Galaxies.

Evil purposes are many that you have no clue how to handle it for
handle you.Great Teachers from different times came and gone.
If you are a christian, good! because not only Jesus teach the
ancient secrets,indeed he is the last.Their only teaching,”GO WITHIN”.

Knowledge and Wisdom is nothing to be proud of.It is a common knowledge for those who seek the lost pathway, and found it.It
is your pathway and not theirs.People with title this time will say many words but never been out there and study the light,instead searching the true nature of spirit of nature within us,they will drag you to nowhere.And there you are stuck.

Deal with the Devil is what happened all around.The only end results are destructions.These games we have now was played over
and over and over again.That is the negative.Another end results,the positive one,we are going home and never to come back here on Earth ever again.You may choose where to go,its your will.There are many human beings that are spiritually awake this time and they are full of knowledge and wisdom and they are just
around the corners watching and observing.And they are very different from anyone you knew for they evolve beyond PHDs
that many people believe in.There will be many more to come to seek the light and they are unstoppable.

Thanks a lot brother Tom for helping me and thanks to all
for reading.May all of you have a great day and have a good



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