BREAKING: Republicans Introduce Legislation to Send Armed Troops to the Border

With the immigration crisis in full swing, public outcry calling for the border to be secured has reached deafening levels.

President Obama, the one responsible for making this huge mess that is costing communities in border states untold amounts of money, has refused to do his constitutional duty to enforce the law, seal the border, and deport the flood of illegals entering the U.S.

The massive influx of illegal immigrants is proving to be too much for Border Patrol agents alone, which is why many have been calling for armed National Guard units to provide additional assistance.

Since the president refuses to do his duty, a behavior that usually results in the average American losing their job, Republicans in Congress are now introducing a bill that would send National Guard troops to the border to help slow the flow of illegals into the country.

Republican lawmakers, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner, want to add extra personnel at the border, because most of the patrol agents are tied up caring for children or filling out mounds of paper work, making it difficult to keep an eye on the border.

via Breitbart:

A working group of lawmakers appointed by Speaker John Boehner is poised to recommend deploying the National Guard, amending a 2008 law requiring a lengthy deportation process, bringing in temporary judges to reduce a legal backlog and new border security measures to the GOP version of an emergency spending bill planned for floor consideration before the August recess.

“We’ve got border patrol people trying to do a good job but they’re so overwhelmed by the number of people coming across that they’re taking care of children and filling out forms, and so we need National Guard to add more bodies to what’s happening at the border” Grander said, adding that immigration cases need to be adjudicated much more quickly.

Salmon reiterated the need to “plug the holes” with the National Guard, where Border Patrol has been moved to deal with children.

“It’s not that you have to have more people to catch them. But the cartels are playing bait and switch,” he said. “Make no mistake, it is the cartels that are basically overseeing these coyotes that are smuggling in the people and they are making a ton of money off of this.”

Good. Sending the National Guard to temporarily patrol the border is a no-brainer and should’ve been done awhile ago, as it would’ve prevented this crisis from happening in the first place.

While armed military patrols are assisting Border Patrol agents, it’s critical to build a fence or barrier that will assist in keeping illegals from crossing over into America. Patrol units alone will not be enough to keep out the massive number of people who attempt crossing the border every day. Fences work, and if we’re serious about clamping down on illegal immigration, one must be erected as soon as possible.



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