Cafe Press Review of two items I bought recently

This is not a solicitation for you to purchase any product. I have no affiliation or financial interest with Cafe Express. This is a review of the two products I purchased, a canvas art piece and a throw blanket.

The canvas art piece I bought, Good Spirit, exceeded my expectation. The colors were awesome, a richer and fuller colors compared to a printed copy on the internet. The colors were the same as the throw rug (see below). It is a very striking difference…

good-spirit-1 big art canvass good spirit1
The image on the left is a computer copy, on the right is the canvas art.

There was a variety of sizes I could choose from medium, about 24″x 20″x1″ deep, large, extra large. It was stated that the small size 13″x16″ was not available. The art piece lights up our living room. I also feel positive energy coming from the art when I look at it. I’m glad I bought it…

blanket The throw blanket was a little more disappointing, not the art work but in the workmanship. It wasn’t centered and it was placed at a slight angle with the edge of the blanket. I’m glad I didn’t buy two. The down side to returning it is a 20% restocking fee plus shipping. Brilliant colors just like the canvas. Soft and plushy in white; 100% soft, warm polyester fleece; Measures 50″ x 60,” and Machine washable for easy care…all positives. I’m sure our baby will appreciate the warm and toastiness it will provide this and every winter.

There are hundreds of items you can buy with your favorite design. There are webpages for a number of countries besides the U.S. I got my stuff from cafe press here.

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