Knock Knock…The September Hour…Sudden Changes and More…

Posted by Valiant
Via email from Lida
September 11, 2014

Baby Tiger

Baby Tiger

The September Hour…
Expect sudden changes, plan for that…
Don’t trust the weather, because that too
Can and will change in a moments notice.
Cool, Cooler…Colder…I keep dreaming of
Ice, not just snow…but Ice…
But where there is Fire, You could get burned…
Clear out of those areas…
The Fire is an omen…Beware.

But before I continue, I would like to take
This chance to Thank Everyone who wrote
Me with such warm words of support
When our Yuri dies. There are so many
Good people like you out there who read my
Posts, I can’t thank you enough for your
Kindness and support all the time.
I just hope I can help you in return
The way you’ve helped me with your support.

I would also like everyone to know
The immense gratitude I have for my Mom,
Whose support has helped these Valiant Posts
To continue. She hasn’t felt all that great lately,
Or appreciated. And she deserves better.
She helps with the posts and email, and cares
About you all right along with me. So I’m
Dedicating this post to her with my artwork
Attached, Baby Tiger. Thank you Mom for all you do.
I want you to know and everyone to know I care
And am so grateful.
Please everyone, could you tell her the same too.

Now…In the Hours, or weeks, rather,
To come…Those sudden changes…
What was meant to be, will come to be…

If you feel strangely sick, tired or exhausted…
Don’t be surprised…these are symptoms
Of what’s going on…
Times will be hard. Get your rest, and
Don’t feel bad about doing so.
Pay attention to your dreams…see what they say,
But more importantly, how they make you feel.

Another Comet or Meteor threat
Should appear on the horizon soon…
Again, it may not be as it seems…
But that’s how they will explain it on the news.

And watch the news for laughs,
You never know, they might just leak out
A secret or two. They’re noticing things
And fed up with censorship as well.
Yes, headlines could get interesting as some
Reporters have to expose secrets and the truth…
Of all kinds.

And the Lion Men have not disappeared,
Only gone quiet, as they too wait for events
When they are needed.

Strange things are going on for sure…
And more and more people are noticing…

Now if Big Brother were smart…
But we know how that gamble goes…
There would be open and honest declarations
Of UFO’s and Aliens across the media ASAP…
Details of experiments…
Disarming of Nuclear Weapons…
Neutralizing Mind Control Technology
Before it snaps and breaks big time on them…
Yes, it’s coming…
As you’ve seen in the signs of people’s behavior.

Anger, Short Tempers…Impatience,
Impulsiveness and even suicides
Are all warning signs of failing mind control.
Perhaps it could mean short bursts of a
Mysterious pulse and hum have been sent on us…
Maybe the Higher Powers are experimenting,
Just like Big Brother does…
You just never know.

And honestly, I’ve warned of threats of
A culling by a plague ages ago…
They want to downsize the population before
The more serious climate changes occur…
Which will make it nearly impossible
To feed the current population…
They’ll pay for that, don’t worry.

The Natural order is the way.
To break its course, well there’s a serious
Price to pay…as they will know.

With the snow will come more changes…
With the snow will come more threats…
And a few more surprises that will have
Everyone’s eyes popping.

Dear Mr. Spaceman…Just remember
What happens down here, will happen up there…
Better do something about that…
Before you get stuck…

By the way, everyone should really consider
Keeping chickens and goats as pets…
They might come in really handy…one day…

That’s all for now.


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