You may want to download this to your video collection for future comparisons, etc., in case it is scrubbed or simply removed. Notice – this footage is graphic and violent. Do not view this video if such material seriously upsets you or makes you ill, etc.. The video says these are allegations.

Over the years and decades many of us wondered what the black line is which appears in critical frames of The Zapruder Film of the JFK Assassination. The black line or bar across the bottom of the screen appears to blot out or hide something going on, and for years we didn’t know if it hid something critically important within the presidential limousine or directly beside the car as it passed along the motorcade route. One thing is certain – that big black bar may be obstructing something particularly vital in determining what happened to the late President John F. Kennedy in this assassination.

Significant is the claim of the gun flash at frame 314 which you will see here. It is claimed to come from John Connally’s gun which some videos state that he removed and placed within his hat at first. You may notice him taking his hat off. Near the end this video says he put the gun in his lap. Remember that the flash follows a bullet which has left the muzzle of the gun, so the flash here does appear just as or just after JFK’s head wound appears.

Notice how Jackie, through much of these video sequences, is looking at Connally and/or what Connally is holding or doing. She is aware that something is wrong and is looking at Connally while holding JFK as if to further protect him. The black line in the video is clearly hiding the lower part of Connally and what he is doing at this time and it does, indeed, seem that it was added to block something from view.

Some of these videos claim that Connally’s head was changed to appear as if it was looking away toward the front and was really still turned around for some time. The claim here is that underneath that superimposed head Connally is looking directly at President Kennedy. If so it would seem that the public has been viciously lied to for some fifty or so years, making guessing dolts out of the lot of us.

If Connally was shot he may have been shot by Secret Service Agent, Driver Greer, in an effort to defend President Kennedy. An article this editor posted did indeed state that it appeared that driver Greer shot at JFK. This was information believed by the late author William Cooper who was gunned down, red listed by law enforcement at his home in Arizona.

Some of the videos online do definitely state that only a redacted version of The Kennedy Assassination has been available for viewing. Consequently, it is difficult-to-impossible to determine what really did occur.

This editor had posted an article that mentioned the statements of witnesses who claimed they smelled gunpowder or gunsmoke in the vicinity of the presidential limousine. If there was gunfire within the car it would better explain that claim rather than the explanation of gunmen shooting from the grassy knoll and allegedly from around or in the pergola.

These attempts to obfuscate and obstruct what really happened during the assassination remind one nowadays of a poorly Photoshopped, fraudulent video.

For years some theorists thought that a kind of anti-personnel weapon like a directed mine had been hidden within the seat ahead of JFK, but these videos come very close to a much simpler explanation. If President Kennedy was shot from outside the car at that moment and the black bar was inserted so viewers would not erroneously believe Connally did any shooting, then where does the muzzle flash which appears between Jackie and Connally’s jumpseat come from just as JFK’s head wound appears?

Which way is it? If the press had carried reports that a Texas official had murdered the U.S. President it may have set off complete pandemonium and started another Civil War.

Just a lying, bought off, oil-soaked, blood-soaked, criminal C.I.A. U.S. Government.



Thanks to YouTuber – JFKSGUNFLASH

JFK NEW EVIDENCE -Thru Her Eyes Only -Gun flash- High quality Zapruder film

Thanks to YouTuber – JFKSGUNFLASH



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