Hi I’m Johnny come lately…the new blog in town…Since I have had time to think about it I awoke around Feb/Mar of 2011. As a boy the planets and stars interested me. I had a telescope and my dad would help me. I believed in ufos as a boy also. I wasn’t awake but I was fascinated with this stuff. I saw some flashing lights sometime in late 2011…I was “ready” for 2012 and was really disappointed it didn’t happen. I got over that pretty quickly and thought 2013 was the year of graduation. My wife and I had our only baby in June of 2013, the happiest day of my life…

I was aware of Valiant’s posts but they didn’t ring a bell until sometime in Feb 2014. Somehow I found No More Sleeping. I was looking to buy a piece of art from Valiant. My avatar is Valiant’s “Good Spirit.” I bought “Bountiful Harvest” and got to know Lida , Bill’s mother pretty well. I finally found myself where I belong which is here. The sun’s poles haven’t shifted quite yet according to some astronomers.. close but not there yet… During some recent research I found that there will be a shift in earth’s poles as well.  It won’t be like the Mayan prophecy of 3 days of darkness. It will be like we go to sleep, the shift happens and when we awake we will be in our new model spiritual crystal bodies similar to a blink of an eye. That will be an exciting day. I hope it’s this year but no one really knows when. We are in a window now from 2014 thru 2017. I am sure you know…

I am a high school grad with a couple of years college experience and 2 years in the Marine Corp. I will be 63 in August.   I’m not afraid to post. Big Brother hasn’t knocked on my door but on two different occasions I had a surprise visit while driving my car. The last encounter I saw a drone while driving home from a Chinese restaurant. During this particular encounter I saw a fully loaded drone coming towards me in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon last spring, 2013, a few yards from me in the sky in the front of my windshield. It hovered for a second or two and it soared away very fast. This event  lasted for a few seconds and it was gone. This is my truth. Not one of my church friends would believe me…not even my wife.  I am a nut case but at least they acknowledge our friendship…They probably wouldn’t like what I have found out about religion or divine intervention… Rambling now…I welcome you here, there, and everywhere…




9 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks…I appreciate your visit. Thanks for helping my posts get exposure. I will do my best to remain an asset for RMN…I’ll see you at the “gathering” and maybe we can lick each other’s nose…lol

    • Oh, I forgot. Nose licking is NOT considered a good thing. It’s the ultimate show of hostility according to The Holey Order of the Septum, which has a little under 40 members. It’s a pretty cool cult. No dues, no fees, no temples, just recognise the sovereignty of your own nose, treat it well, if you’re a good nose when you die, you will get a nose hair coat, if you’re a bad nose when you die, you will be reincarnated with bald nostrils. (Yes, it’s a joke; but around me and my flat mate of almost 20 years, it’s hard to tell.)

    • Actually I wasn’t sure how to respond to that nose post so I added a lol…was not aware of that cult. I guess I won’t be licking anybody’s nose…

  2. You know about Teal too. Wow. Are you also into the Ralph Smart videos? He seems to be Teal’s counterpart in dude and a slightly deeper tan. (Gods, and I LOVE Ralph’s accent.)

    Understood. I put up ‘Loki, Eat My Dust’ again on CGI in part to explain me. (Stefan/Stephanie is my alter ego. A jerk to the nth degree, and NOT someone you want to meet as a psychopomp under any circumstances.) If you like it, I suppose you can read ‘Night of the Band Saw’. Those are the funniest 2 stories in my collection.

    • I vaguely remember her partner so I’d have to say I haven’t seen any Ralph Smart videos. I tried to read the Loki, Eat My Dust post. It was lengthy and lost interest. I’ll try to read it all this time… 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t call Ralph her ‘partner’. In fact, I don’t even know if Teal knows about him, though Ralph (Infinite Waters) does know about Teal. They say the same thing about the same topic in different words. I subscribe to both.

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